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Our team will work with you to design a custom solution that meets your unique needs to help prevent crime, ensuring your assets, employees and customers from potential threats.
These state-of-the-art gates are created right here in B.C. from FH Security- a renowned and trusted gate manufacturing company with years of expert experience in the custom design of these gates. Gates are made up of various types of metals including steel and aluminum and are available in colours such as black, white and grey.
You can never be too safe, and with Clear Security Solutions you can rest assured you will be in good hands.
Servicing various areas in British Columbia including the Thompson Nicola, Okanagan regions, Cariboo and Fraser-Fort George.
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Scissor Gates

Scissor Gates

Perfect for your retail location, these scissor style gates are a secure way to physically protect your assets and employees. Folding Scissor Gates work in a scissor like action to be both retractable and expandable. Like an accordion, these gates compact to the mounted and usually hinged side, to achieve the lowest visibility as they can for the highest level of security. One of the key advantages of an expanding folding scissor security gate is its ease of use. The gate can be easily expanded or folded by one person, making it a convenient option for areas that require frequent access. Additionally, these gates are typically made of durable materials such as steel, which makes them resistant to forced entry. Some gates may also feature locking mechanisms to further enhance their security. These gates are manufactured right here in British Columbia by the renowned FH Security, and can be made to exact size requirements.
Window Bars

Window Bars

Our window bars can be mounted on any window frame and crafted to fit your windows perfectly. Total versatility makes our window bars perfect for every layout and window shape. Security window bars are a common feature for commercial and industrial windows and doors, as they provide an additional layer of protection against break-ins and unauthorized access. Security window bars can be made of various materials, including steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. These can be designed to match the style of your building. There are many different designs to choose from, including simple bars, decorative patterns, and custom designs. Window bars can be installed on the inside or outside of the window or door frame. Interior bars are more difficult to remove, but they may not be as visible from the outside. These window bars can be a very effective way to improve the security of your commercial or industrial building.
Mailbox Cages

Mailbox Cages

Working with the only 3 approved mailbox providers we can bring in new mailboxes and replace damaged or ruined older mailboxes. There are various models to chose from. We work as industry professionals with all levels of mailbox work and can provide the solution and configuration within regulations of Canada Post to improve your mailbox situation for the greater good. These mailbox cages are great for communities such as apartments and duplexes, or wherever it is that a community mailbox area exists. Completely custom to your sizes and dimensions, these cages are made right here in British Columbia by FH Security- so rest assured that you're in good hands. Feel free to contact Clear Security to find out how we can begin the process of setting your building up with these custom cages.

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